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Last Updated: August 12, 1999!

I am always looking for forest fire/forest service related personalized plates & NY Regional Picture Plates, as well as many other plates.
NOTICE: More Update Pictures Of My Collection Coming Very Soon: VA Alexandria, NJ Pinelands, AK Gold Creek-Susitna Native Assn., NY Hudson Valley, UT Agriculture, IA Cattleman Care, FL Everglades, ect.

NY Long Island Regional Plate

This is the newest NY Regional to my collection, Long Island. It shows the Montauk Lighthouse on eastern Long Island. I presently have NYC Regional: Queens cnty., Long Island: Suffolk cnty, & Hudson Valley: Westchester cnty. It is shown w/ 7/1994 Windshield sticker (a rare item). I am always looking for NY Regional plates that I do not have.

Here is my TN Smoky Mountain National Park Plate. This is a rare one, and one of my favorites!

Other Pictures Of My Collection

Idaho-Forestry (Stewardship) "Forests Today & Tomorrow" Plate
New York- Manhattan Regional Plate (Queens cnty)
Utah-Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Plate
Indiana- Firefighter Plate (Hoosier Base)
New Jersey Forest Service Fire Truck Picture
(taken at Wharton State Forest, NJ Pinelands, October, 1998)
Victoria, Australia Pre-1978
Victoria, Australia Pre-1978 (Added: August, 1999)
Maine- 1999 Chickadee Sample
Newest Maine Standard Passenger Issue- Arrived In My Mailbox on Tuesday!

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