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Welcome Signs From States I Have Visited

This section includes welcome signs from some of the states I have visited. These do not include welcome signs from the following states I have visited: Alaska, and Minnesota. These mostly still pics, a few are "action" shots. Brief descriptions preceed the pics. To my knowledge, there are no other sites including these signs. Also, since some states vary signs by the crossing, included in the descriptions is the location of the sign.

State Signs

Location: I-59 South at the Georgia/Alabama Line
Location: US-93 at Hoover Dam, Nevada/Arizona Line
Delaware (new & improved pic.)
Location: I-95 North at Maryland/Delaware Line
Location: I-59 South at Tennessee/Georgia Line
Illinois: Me at sign holding a sign declairing this my 25th state (half-way)(me not visible)
Location: I-94 South/Tri-State Tollway at Wisconsin/Illinois Line
Location: I-80/90 West at Ohio/Indiana Line
Location: I-95 South at Delaware/Maryland Line
Location: I-75 North at Ohio/Michigan Line
Location: US-93 Hoover Dam, at Arizona/Nevada Line
New Jersey
Location: NJ Turnpike/I-95 North, northeast of Delaware Line
North Carolina
Location: US-64/74 East at Tennessee/North Carolina Line
Pennsylvania 1
Location: I-95 North at Delaware/Penn. Line
Pennsylvania 2
Location: I-76/I-80/PA Turnpike East at Ohio/Penn. Line
I-59 North at Georgia/Tennessee Line
Location: I-81 North at Tennessee/Virginia Line
West Virginia
Location: US-340 at Virginia/W. Virginia Line
Wisconsin 1
Location: I-94/Tri-State Tollway North at Illinois/Wisconsin Line
Location: I-95 South at Georgia/Florida Line
Location: I-76/I-80/I-90 West at Penn./Ohio Line
Wisconsin 2
Location: I-94 WI Welcome Center (after IL/WI line) Includes me at the right.
New York 1
Location: Garden State Parkway/I-87 North, at NJ/NY line
Location: NY 7, at NY/VT line
New Hampshire
Location: US-1 South at ME/NH line
Location: US-1 North, at NH/ME line
Location: I-95 South, at NH/MA line
Rhode Island
Location: I-95 South at MA/RI line
Location: I-95 South at RI/CT line
New York 2
Location: I-95 South at CT/NY line (north of the Bronx)
Maryland 2
Location: DE/MD 273 at DE/MD line (west of Newark, DE).

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Updated: October 29, 2000

The remaining New England signs have been added from my last roadtrip: RI, CT, NY2, as well as an updated DE, and a MD2.