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My Collection & Some Info.

My name is Mike McGuire, and I collect License Plates. I live in Williamstown, NJ. Williamstown is in southern NJ, about 25 miles from Philadelphia, and about 40 miles from Atlantic City. I am member number 7898 of the ALPCA (Automobile License Plate Collector Assn.) I have been collecting plates since 1994. I have roughly 400 plates in my collection, including all 50 states, (and Washington DC), all Canadian provinces, Aruba, Panama, Grand Bahama, and a few Presidential Inagural plates. I have the following Inagurals, 1973 Nixon, 1977 Carter, 1981 Reagan, 1989 Bush, 1997 Clinton. I also have 2 Native American Tribal Issues: White Earth Band Chippewa (Minnesota),Ojibwa Tribe (Michigan), and Gold Creek-Susitna (Alaska). I am always looking for new plates from the US (especially special issue), Canada, Egypt,Inagurals, Motorcycle, and pretty much any others. My oldest plates are, a set of PA 1917's (one of my favorites).
My name (WildlandFD1) is because I am also interested in Forestry & Forest Fires and want to work volunteer as a Wildland Firefighter, for the NJ Forest Service.

Member #7898. Member Since: April, 1998
Here is my VA Wildlife Conservation Deer Plate. It is one of 5 the state offers in the Wildlife Conservation run.
A Little About Myself & Williamstown, NJ.
I am 18 years old, and a senior at Williamstown High School, in Williamstown, NJ. I am currently part-time employed. As my screen name implies, I am interested in Forestry & Wildland Firefighting, as well as architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, and agriculture. I have visited or in a few cases, at least set foot in the following states, countries, and Canadian provinces: NJ, PA, DE, NY, MA, CT, RI, NH, ME, MD, DC, VA, NC, FL, MN, AK, TN, GA, AL, WV, AZ, NV, OH, MI, IN, IL, WI, VT, the Bahamas, and Ontario, and British Columbia, Canada. Williamstown is a small town in the southern New Jersey Pinelands, (although we are a little more populated then most Pinelands towns). Williamstown is located approximatly 20 miles from Philadelphia, 70 miles from New York City, and 40 miles from Atlantic City.

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